A Pattern of Change

Our mission is to create high-quality winter apparel while providing people with resources that enable them to make changes in their lives and communities.

A Pattern of Product Innovation

We love the snow, and we’re committed to creating products that make it more enjoyable. Our innovation method ensures that the products we create are both exciting and useful to our customers.

A Pattern of Social Change

Our Story

Nathan Miller
Portrait of Michael Harris
Michael Harris

Nathan Miller and Michael Harris, our company’s founders, both grew up in the snow of Utah (the greatest snow on earth?!) Skiing, sledding, and snowball fights were how they passed their winters. Between graduating high school and beginning college, both served volunteer missions in a foreign country for two years and became aware of the great need in these places for humanitarian aid. After returning to snowy Utah, the two worked to combine their love of snow with their drive to give back to others, and PowderOut was born.

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